Look Up

An exciting, playful and energetic collaboration of circus, puppetry and theatre

Robin Boot Photography

Robin Boot Photography

An outdoor performance for family audiences.

One puppet. Two trapezes. Four performers.

Look Up follows Robyn, a puppet who’s younger than most, but more inquisitive than many, daring to stop, breath in the fresh air, and look up. The world above can be an exhilarating place, full of mystery, possibilities, and perhaps the occasional bird dropping…


Look Up is a celebration of what we can see if we step outside of our everyday lives, and embrace the world around us. The show takes place on a 5 metre high aerial rig and explores the relationship between circus performer, puppet and audience.

Look Up toured festivals throughout Summer 2018 and is currently booking a tour for Summer 2019. If you’re interested in having Look Up visit your festival or town, please get in touch!

Look Up has been commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival, Out There International Festival of Circus and Street Arts and Theatre Delicatessen. With funding and support from Arts Council England, 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space and SeaChange Arts.

Photos from a performance at Brighton Festival (photos by Maia Kirkman-Richards):

Photos from a sharing at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space (Robin Boot Photography):