The Hidden People

A collaboration between Hikapee & Huldufugl

Still in creation, The Hidden People is a brand new show that combines Icelandic folklore, circus/ aerial arts, performance and creative technology.

Our story concerns the Hidden People, a group of mysterious beings often held responsible in Icelandic stories for sudden good fortune or misfortune, disappearances, unexpected occurrences and madness.

We are using these tales to present modern environmental issues, specifically the building of hydroelectric dams in Iceland.

We have completed our first stage of research and development (R&D), which consisted of two weeks in Iceland in December 2018, and two in the UK in February 2019, culminating in a sharing at Jacksons Lane Theatre in March 2019.

Now heading towards our second phase of R&D, we look to further developing the integration of aerial circus, storytelling and technology.

The Hidden People has had support from Arts Council England, OPSTART, Jacksons Lane & 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.

Robin Boot Photography - at Jacksons Lane 01.03.19